The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

Welcome to our new Elecam System

We will use this expanded system of cameras to locate and monitor the elephants; to provide distance learning opportunities to schools and groups around the globe; and to offer you, our friends and supporters, frequent glimpses of the elephants we are so fortunate to have in our care.

About the new Elecam system:

  • 14 cameras mounted throughout the 3 elephant habitats
  • Click on the habitat you want to view to see live streaming video
  • 1 camera per habitat is activated at any given time
  • Photos on each habitat page link to elephants bios
  • Look for comments from the caregivers under the videos

Elecam Tips:
• Click on the habitat you want to view to see live streaming video from the camera currently activated for that habitat.

• Click on the photos of the elephants on each Elecam webpage to view a bio of that elephant and pictures of her identifying physical traits.

• Look for comments from the caregivers (as their time allows) under the videos to tell you what is happening and which elephants you are watching.

• Our Elecams can be viewed in any browser (except AOL)
with the current Flash plugin and are best viewed on a high speed connection.

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The Elephant Sanctuary Elecams

Q Habitat

The Q Barn camera being repaired. In the meantime, we will have one of the Asia habitat cameras online for Q habitat.

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