A Spring Update on Nosey

At The Sanctuary, Nosey is spending spring grazing on the grassy hilltop in her habitat, lying down to nap in the sun, creating new wallows, and splashing around in the mud. The Sanctuary’s Facilities and Care are constantly working to create new opportunities for Nosey to engage with the natural habitat—mapping out and clearing trails, digging wallows, and providing ample enrichment. We celebrate Nosey’s daily choices to engage with her surroundings.

Nosey also continues to progress daily in Protected Contact Management and is eager to participate in training with Caregivers—presenting all four feet and lifting her trunk for dental inspection. On one particularly warm day last week, Nosey was offered a firehose bath by Caregivers. She leaned in to the water, lifting her trunk and rubbing it on her head and face. Her excitement appeared to grow as she vocalized several times and continuously turned to be hosed on all sides. She presented all four feet to be hosed and laid down during the bath to roll in the mud. Afterward, Nosey rubbed her body on the street brush in the habitat, and then walked to the wood line where a pile of treats awaited her. 

In February, the Liebel family’s attorney appealed Judge Angela Terry’s January ruling granting custody of Nosey to Lawrence County animal control. In response, the Lawrence County circuit judge has set a June 7 court date to hear oral arguments on the seizure of Nosey. The hearing is intended to determine whether Lawrence County had the legal authority to seize Nosey in November 2017. The Sanctuary remains committed to providing Nosey with lifetime care.



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