April 13, 2009

This week Tange and Flora spent some time near the barn. They came back to the barn last Thursday just half an hour before the storm.  The next day, the storm had left the perfect “mud bath” soil.  After bathing they would wander off into the Valleys to browse on the spring buds. They find these depressions in the land and stand there watching the caregiver drive back and forth looking for them; then suddenly they appear. 


Misty and Dulary have been absolutely loving their time in the pond.  If it’s not the first thing they do after morning diets, they head there after they wake up from their early afternoon naps.  And if Dulary starts walking in the opposite direction, Misty bellows and Dulary comes speeding back and follows for a swim.  With the water being deeper this year, the girls spend a lot of time rolling around under the water.  Dulary seems to prefer going under head first and staying that way for a bit.  The girls can routinely be seen with their eyes just above the surface of the water, trunks up like a periscope watching what’s going on around them- that is when they’re not totally lost in play, which is most of the time. Tornado watch update: everyone is fine and Misty slept outdoors through the entire storm!

The sunny weather has the Girls of the Q Barn stretching out and taking in the sunshine.  Caregivers often see Liz and Frieda sleeping side by side.  Billie is usually standing guard over them very closely, but sometimes she wanders into the woods to do her own thing.  Good for her!  Debbie and Ronnie traipse all down Bunny’s Trail when given the opportunity, as Minnie and Lottie go off on adventures of their own, coming up the barn usually only to drink and then head back out again. 

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