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August 1, 2011

Summer is throwing its best at us at the Sanctuary—mid to upper 90s and very high humidity. However, Tange and Flora don't seem to mind it much, as they tuck away into the shade of the pines whenever they want a break from the sun.

Flora turns a recent rain shower into a cool mud bath!

Over in Asia, Tarra returned to the barn for an afternoon visit, and lately, this means a few days of happy wandering for Shirley. While Tarra spent some time with Misty and Dulary, Shirley wandered to the creek and up the hill to spend the day in Oak Tree Pasture. This area offers an open field for grazing, a wooded area for shade, and an automatic waterer for fresh water. By the next morning, Shirley had made her way into the Blackberry Gauntlet. This area is not a favorite of the Girls during hot weather, as it is usually about 10 degrees warmer than most areas in their habitat, but this past week we were graced with a few small summer storms, dropping the temperature and hiding the sun. Tarra is slowly working her way back to the lake, but apparently neither she nor Bella is in a rush to leave the cooler temperatures of the woods that lead the way.

Sis and Winks have been traveling during the nighttime hours, leaving the area of Dr. Scott's, heading up the pipeline, spending a few days around that area, and now are making their way down North Road back towards Deep Valley Meadow. Sissy's appetite continues to maintain… she readily eats what is given to her, with only one or two feedings where her appetite has been slightly off.

Dulary and Misty continue with their summer swim routine, usually going into the pond twice a day to cool off. Dulary and Sissy are both receiving alfalfa cubes (for added calories and roughage, since neither is eating normal amounts of hay yet), and they seem to be enjoying them.

At Phase 1 Q-Barn, the news is dominated by Liz's struggle with TB. But Liz's break from treatment has had an unexpected upside—Liz is really taking to her PC training! She seems to be a much faster learner than Billie and Frieda—or maybe she's just a more willing participant. She hurries over to Richard whenever he approaches her with the target poles and treats, always ready to jump right in. Whenever he asks her for an alternate training behavior, Lizzie thinks about it… thinks it over some more… and then does it, immediately followed by rumbles and holding her mouth open for treats!

We are delighted Lizzie has a distraction from her troubles. In case you missed it, this past weekend we posted an Asian Diary entry with an update on Lizzie and her struggle with TB. Click here to read more.

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