August 24, 2009

Well Tange and Flora are at it again—each time we go out to take them hay and/or a meal we have to find them. They sometimes pop up at places where there was work being done, putting trees back on the road, inspecting sink holes in repair or where some kind of clean up is being done in the habitat. In one day they manage to go from one end of their habitat to the other, stopping at the barn for a mud bath then moving on.

Shirley nearly made a visit to the barn, or at least that’s what we think. Tarra came to spend the afternoon with Dulary and Misty, and Shirley followed shortly afterwards.  Tarra kept up a pretty quick pace and got to the barn in about an hour. Shirley went at more of a grandma pace, so she didn't arrive until much later.  At 5 pm feed she was half way up the hill, but at 10 pm feed she was at the first hill down the road from the barn. By then Tarra had left, in the other direction, down North Road. This morning Shirley had headed back in the direction of the lake.  There were no definite signs of Shirley at the barn (no Shirley poop piles—yes we can tell whose is whose) but Dulary and Misty were at the Lake Road sand pile when the caregivers left a little after 11. So whether the three of them met up at some point during the night remains a mystery.

The Threesome rediscovered the right side of the Pond Yard yesterday, and Liz took the opportunity to take a long, late afternoon nap. Not even a 4-wheeler passing by on the road disturbed her. She simply raised her head to see who was going by, and went right back to sleep.  It’s always a joy to see how comfortable the girls have become.

Minnie has been enjoying Barbie’s Wash and pushing down some trees. She must be thinking of her sisters, since she pushed down a large sweet gum tree, which is one of the Threesome’s favorites to munch on at night.

Debbie and Ronnie resemble dust balls with ears and legs up at the South Gate area.  They take every chance to toss more onto their backs, to the point where an occasional shake of their shoulders sends a cloud of dust blowing everywhere.  Caregivers must always be careful to squint their eyes…and shut their mouths!

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