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By: The Elephant Sanctuary

Cooler Weather Settles on The Sanctuary

Though the South has seen some tremendous storms in the past month, all has been calm at The Elephant Sanctuary. The rains have brought cooler weather and plenty of mud for the elephants to enjoy.

In Quarantine Habitat, Debbie has been spending a lot of time splashing around in ponds and Ronnie and Minnie have been observed grazing together, often touching and sharing 'back snacks' — a term used by Caregivers to describe the hay and grass the elephants toss on their backs. Billie has been seen grazing in Frieda's Field and has been checking out Sissy—Q's newest resident—from a safe distance atop the hill by the barn. Sissy has been adjusting incredibly well to Quarantine Habitat, and will soon be joining her other habitat-mates in a shared space. 

Ronnie and Minnie sharing 'back snacks'

In Asia Habitat, Shirley and Tarra have been venturing along the pond habitat fence line, following it all the way down to the farthest point away from the barn, an area they have not been seen in before. Caregivers have even seen evidence of Tarra lying down to sleep at the very back of the path.

Tarra devours a watermelon.

And over at Africa, all three elephants continue to explore the farthest reaches of the habitat, side-by-side. Flora has also been observed regularly knocking over trees. 

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