December 14, 2009

This week, Dulary and Misty got their turn with the big red ball.  It was rolled into the habitat and initially, the girls just stood there and looked at it—that is until it touched Misty. Then she kicked it and Dulary ran over to “save her.”  She stepped on the ball with her foot and tried to squish it with her head.  But again, once there was no movement, it wasn’t that exciting.  So, they got to play big ball soccer.  The ball was hit around the yard with the four wheeler with Misty and Dulary chasing it all around.  Dulary played more with the ball and Misty just played.  Misty kicked out her legs, pushed into trees, trumpeted, spun, and ran around like the silly girl she is.  All this while Dulary would run after the ball squish it with her foot and press on it with her trunk until she was satisfied it was done moving.  I’m not sure who enjoyed the girls playing with their big red ball more, the  Girls themselves, or the caregivers who watched them!  Next…..Winkie Sissy Tarra and Shirley.
All and all, a wet day outside but a warm and cozy day inside the African barn. The African girls decided that they would prefer to spend time inside, and as they are the boss, the caregiver worked around them. They had access to the outside, but they stayed inside and enjoyed their hay and the whole trees that the caregiver pulled in.
In late fall, cloudy days equal chilly days.  As a result, the Divas end up spending a bit more time inside, getting all toasty warm before heading out into the habitat.  They can be reluctant to leave sometimes, especially Debbie.  She will stick her trunk out of the rubber flaps, testing the temperature. The trunk will then vanish, pulled back through the flaps quickly.  As suddenly as it disappeared, the trunk will reappear moments later. This can continue for quite some time.  Meanwhile, Ronnie has been out of the barn this entire time, waiting patiently for Debbie to join her, munching on the hay leftover from the evening before.  Debbie eventually joins her friend for breakfast outside.

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