ElephantVoices Visits The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary was excited to host our international partners from ElephantVoices, Dr. Joyce Poole and Petter Granli, who graciously shared their experience and expertise working in the field in Kenya.

During their November visit, Staff had the opportunity to show them around The Sanctuary, ask lots of elephant questions, and learn more about their incredible work with elephants.

The Sanctuary has provided support to ElephantVoices through our International Partner grant program for their continued research and fieldwork in Amboseli National Park, Kenya, and the further development of two searchable databases: The Elephant Ethogram: A Library of African Elephant Behavior and another that houses their collection of recordings of the voices of known elephants in known contexts. ElephantVoices' work contributes significantly to advancing the study of elephant cognition, communication, and social behavior, while also promoting scientifically sound and ethically responsible management and care of elephants. We applaud ElephantVoices for their dedication to protecting elephants, both as a species and as individuals.

View a list of all of The Sanctuary's international partners here.

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