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By: The Elephant Sanctuary

Fall at The Sanctuary

Now mid-October, autumn has finally settled in at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.

Beautiful yellows, oranges, and reds indicate cooler weather is upon us and the elephants will soon return closer to the heated barns….but not quite yet!

Flora and fall foliage

In Africa Habitat, the elephants are still out exploring all of their habitat areas, including East Habitat, the new 60-acre Africa Habitat expansion. Flora appears to have a new favorite spot down in the East Habitat valley, and pushes down new trees almost daily.

Hadari, who recently celebrated her one-year anniversary at The Sanctuary is doing well spending time with either Tange or Flora every day. Caregivers are thrilled that Hadari has been reacting so positively to spending time with other elephants are looking forward to watching her form social bonds with the other Africans.

Tange, Sukari and Rosie’s bond is growing, as well. The three have begun having loud vocal reunions almost each time they are reunited. Earlier this week, they all shared South Habitat together, and upon seeing each other, Tange and Rosie trumpeted and all three backed up to each other and touched one another with their trunks. Caregivers are excited to continue to watch their social dynamic flourish.

Tange, Sukari, and Rosie

In Quarantine Habitat, Billie is spending much of her time in the Nightyard Extension habitat area, which has lots of space to graze and explore and a pond to splash in.

Billie walks a trail

Debbie, Minnie, and Ronnie continue to spend time together as a Trio, and have been enjoying the autumn-themed enrichment Caregivers have been supplying this month.

Debbie with pumpkin enrichment

In Asia Habitat, both Lake gate and North gate have been left open to allow the elephants the option to return to the barn, however, none of the elephants have chosen to return just yet. Sissy and Winkie continue to spend time together, often joined by Tarra. When the three are together, they have been expressing their individual vocalizations—Tarra barks, while Sissy pops. Recently Tarra has also been spending a lot of time by the lake, surrounded by all the fall colors, while Shirley has been spending her days in Marcella's enjoying banana leaves filled with peanut butter and popcorn—a special fall enrichment made by volunteers at Hohenwald's Oktober Heritage Festival. 

Tarra by the lake

In Memory

The Sanctuary would  like to remember Lottie, who passed October 10th, 2010. Lottie was described as a soft, quiet "mother figure" who seemed to have a calming influence on her herd.

We also remember Jenny, one of Shirley’s closest companions, who passed October 17th, 2006.

Lottie and Jenny’s legacies will never be forgotten. Please visit their biography pages to learn more about their amazing lives.


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