February 2, 2009

Welcome to Ele Notes—our new blog-like format direct from the habitats! 

January 31, 2009 marked the third Anniversary of the arrivals of the fabulous Divas! On Saturday,  January 31, the amazing Lottie and Minnie (pictured right) arrived, followed on February 2 by Queenie and Liz.   We will never forget the chilly February days in 2006 when Minnie and Lottie, without hesitation, went swimming! Debbie and Ronnie arrived on February 7, and finally Frieda and Billie on the 9th. This was  the largest elephant rescue in US history, and over three years all of the Divas have begun to reveal their wonderful and singular personalities.

Since the CBS piece aired, the interest in the Tarra and  Bella story continues. We received multiple film, television and book offers, and since the magnitude and quantity was nearly overwhelming, we then shopped for professional agents to help us with the process. We interviewed several and have settled on ICM, (International Creative Management) with offices in Hollywood and New York. We are very excited about the prospects.  Watch the Tarra and Bella video.

Ned is the king of his domain and seems fine with the arrangement. He remains stable, enjoying all of the freshly prepared produce diets and oatmeal. It took him some time to figure out how to eat the soupy substance, so inconsistent with an elephant’s normal foods. But once he got the hang of slurping up the mush and spraying it into his mouth, he started eating every tasty morsel. He has a few new toys, including a big tractor inner tube. Now, tire and tube are watched over and carried around whenever Ned moves from place to place.

New in Our Girls Gift Shop! Beautiful Flora t-shirts in color for adults and kids have just been added! Also available are photos of this African beauty signed by Carol and Scott.

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