Jana and Nosey Share Direct Space

In the North Yard section of Asia Habitat at The Sanctuary, Jana and Nosey were provided with the opportunity to interact directly without fence lines for the first time!

This moment has been long anticipated, as they have spent many weeks building their comfort with each other through a protective fence barrier. When the two elephants noticed one another in the same space, Jana, often described as having a dominant and spirited nature, began to approach Nosey with her characteristic assertiveness. Nosey, who is known for her more gentle and nurturing disposition, seemed to understand the significance of the moment. Without hesitation, she turned around, offering her backside to Jana — a symbolic gesture of acceptance and trust. It was an invitation, a chance for Jana to get to know her better.

Close to the fence, The Sanctuary’s dedicated Care Staff stood nearby, ensuring a safe introduction. Jana thoroughly examined Nosey's backside, attempting to provoke playful sparring, standing beside each other for a while, and establishing a connection through their trunks. Their bond began to develop, one trunk interaction at a time!

After their introduction, the pair decided to take a break, ambling over to a nearby fire hose for a refreshing drink. As the morning continued, Jana and Nosey chose to roam their habitat together. They meandered through the fall foliage, their trunks reaching out to pluck grass and leaves, savoring the taste of the season. Care Staff, watching in awe, knew they were witnessing a positive beginning to the intricate dynamics of their elephant herd.

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