July 27, 2009

The cooler weather has given Ronnie some relief from the bugs.  She doesn’t itch nearly as much when the day’s temperature is lower, and rainy days always make for a pleasant change of pace.  During one of these rainy days, a caregiver was trimming the weeds along the fence line near the South Pond.  Ronnie came pushing through the trees to see what was going on, inspecting the cut pieces of plants on the ground.  Ten feet further down the tree line, Debbie came through, too.  Well…almost.  Debbie remained half-hidden in the trees, with branches draped in front of her face as she watched the caregiver.  Hate to tell you, Deb, that little tree isn’t hiding you!



The Threesome haven’t ventured out into the Night Yard Extension since their trip last week, although Liz has been spending her days at the very back of the Night Yard, near the entrance to the Extension.  She can be seen napping against the gentle hill to the left side of the yard.  Billie has been spending some time up the hill again, where caregivers are more than willing to bring hay to her.



It’s so nice to see elephants getting to be themselves with as little interference from us as possible, as Minnie and Lottie show us every day.  They explore their many areas, graze, and swim.  It fills one with a sense of joy to see them enjoy their freedom so much.



With the drop in temperature this week, to a beautiful high 70s low 80s during the day, the ladies in Asia have all been spending their time in the sun grazing, grazing, grazing.  Since there’s no need to find shade, they have been in the middle of meadows all day, a place that lately they have only frequented once the sun begins to go down.  Sissy was seen napping in the middle of the grass in the full sun during the day, a familiar sight when it’s colder, not so much when it’s hot out.  And all of the ladies seemed to be very light, some even a little extra silly and playful.  Tarra came and visited Misty and Dulary, and when they were fed at 6 pm they initially all ate their favorites, then went as a group from pile of food, to pile of food, starting with Misty’s, each taking what they wanted of the leftovers.  It works out that Dulary prefers the grain, Tarra the carrots and corn, and Misty the cabbage and broccoli.  Three big ladies all huddled around little piles of produce, grain and hay, no pushing or shoving, just sharing—very sweet.



Tange and Flora  like to play hide and seek some mornings. The Caregivers, armed with hay and breakfast buckets, drive around and around the habitat looking, stopping and listening, driving more only to get back to the Barn to start again and there the Girls are waiting. With rumbles, trumpets and spinning.

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