June 8, 2009

One night last week a large green lunar moth was fluttering around Frieda at dinner time. She acted a little irritated and swatted at it with the tip of her trunk until it left her and her dinner alone. Liz has been seen bathing in the water trough near the barn, even though there’s a great big pond not six feet away! Guess she prefers a shower.

Deb and Ron have had plenty of time to explore the areas beyond the South Gate which is full of woods and new grasses—thanks to Jenny, Shirley, Bunny and Tarra’s activities in the area in years past. Ronnie particularly enjoys taking mud baths up in the South Pond to protect herself from the bugs that bother her.

Minnie eagerly awaits 4pm, which is when the fence crew leaves and she can be out in the 40 and the 60 again.  Before she gets to enjoy the open pasture, though, she amuses herself by keeping a close eye on the crew and the progress they’re making.

Last week Tarra finally indulged her wandering side, and headed down to the lake at the beginning of the week. Shirley stayed behind in Marcella’s Road and was visited by Sissy and Winkie. It seems that Shirley wanted some alone time; she walked away from the two and remained quiet and solitary for most of the week. Friday afternoon Tarra made her way back to Shirley very briefly and heading right back down to the lake. That night, after late feed, Shirley apparently began her trek, following her sister, and in the morning was at one of the trails leading down to the lake. Her mood was much lighter, a big smile on her face and engaging in somewhat silly behavior. And that night she spent a gorgeous evening at the lake. It’s hard to see any of our ladies in a hard place, but just as us, they need to be able to grieve in their own way and in their own time. And Shirley, not surprisingly, seems to be doing just that, and coming through it ok.

With the hot days approaching, the Africa girls are ready with their new mud wallow and new roads so that the caregivers can bring them hay deeper into the woods. Most days they are in the woods somewhere browsing in the shade. We notice that recently they have not been spending much time together, Tange prefers the Valley and Flora the Plateau. And then visa versa.

CBS’ Steve Hartman did another great story on Tarra and Bella last Friday night, you can see it here.

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