March 23, 2009

Sissy and Winkie spent their first overnight outside.  It was early in the week when the temps were still in the sixties during the evening. They had come back after their six pm feed, and from the looks of it, ate a bit of hay and then left.  At the ten pm feed, they were down the North Road by the pipeline, and in the morning they were further down the pipeline nestled in the tree line, ears out, awaiting the delivery of their breakfast.  Unfortunately the temperature bottomed out over the next week, so bad all of the girls spent a day in the barn while ice coated all of the tree limbs.  It made for beautiful surroundings and then fun mud for the ladies to coat themselves in the next day as it all melted.
While sliding around in the mud, the Girls discovered a big new tractor tire, Yes, tire time again. They picked it up like it was a sheet of paper, throwing it here and there, putting it in the mud, kicking it, rubbing it along the top of the fence. First Tange had it, then Flora, and then they would have a little disagreement on how long each should have it. Then they would start again. Big, big fun. Day Two and the tire is still very appealing to them. Tange had it on her back, a little game of keep away.  She had it for a whole two minutes, two minutes of pure fun. Flora got it and tried to bury it in the mud. Tange waited for her turn, and then suddenly they both walked away!
Thursday there was hardly a moment on the ele-cam today that did not show a sleeping Diva! The past two days have been extremely warm and today is pleasant but cloudy, a perfect day for long naps. Lottie took her morning nap at the Upper Pond, Minnie standing close by.
A week ago Ned lay down in his yard several times, a bit uncharacteristic. Later he was lying down in the barn and did not get up when the caregiver entered. Drs. Mikota and Scott were at the Q barn in minutes. Ned got up with no struggle. After an hour discussion, it was decided to condition Ned for blood draw and to consult with a nutritionist. Ned is being conditioned to enter his restraint chute and he is doing incredibly well. It took only days of conditioning and he was standing inside, calmly eating as the chute doors closed. The other day, one of Ned’s good days, he found a new tire suspended from one of his favorite trees and proceeded to kick it around with his back feet, great fun. Later he was seen at the north end of his yard grazing on the stubbles of grass that have begun to grow in his yard 

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