March 9, 2009

We’ve already known of Misty’s amazing ability to nap, but recently she wanted to make sure we hadn’t forgotten.  Towards the end of the day, when most of the girls start coming back to the barn, Misty decided to take a nap instead.  It was drizzling and getting chilly, but she lay down right behind the barn, on a muddy slope, with Dulary standing over her.  Sissy and Winkie came back to the barn and, upon going into their stalls, Sissy started happily banging the gate while both of them made their happy noises.  This went on for several minutes, but Misty was still asleep.  Tarra came into the barn about 15 minutes later, and more gate banging, this time both Sissy and Tarra joined in.  This was accompanied by trumpets, barks and other noises, along with the opening and closing of the gates and overheads.  But true to form, Misty was still lying down, with an ever-patient Dulary standing over her.  Right as it was time to start feeding, much to Dulary’s relief, Misty got up and they had their turn at coming into the barn and celebrating vocally.



On March 11 we remember Delhi, who passed one year ago. Delhi taught us so much about life and about the dying process.  We miss you every day, dear Delhi.        


Tange and Flora are enjoying the late winter weather, playing with old cut up browse and pushing around the ball. They also manage to find quiet time from each other.  Flora will go deep into the woods to a place only detectable by the swinging tops of trees. Tange seems to wander from place to place: along the road, in the grasses and on the edge of the woods. Then, as if some unheard bell was rung, they come back together in a sunny spot to nap. 


As reported in Ned's Diary, Ned has been enjoying the warmer weather. He went out into his yard and made a bee-line for his hanging tire toy. He reached his trunk through the center of the toy which looked like a giant lifesaver. He tugged on the tire and swung it around on his trunk for awhile and then stuck the entire thing into his mouth!! Later in the day he wandered down to the north end of his yard, found a recently donated jolly ball and proceeded to throw and kick it around.                                                                                                                   

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