May 23, 2014

Happy Friday from Frieda!

Watersports at Sanctuary

It is swim season at The Sanctuary! Elephants (for the most part) love to be in the water, and The Sanctuary elephants are no exception. Our EleCam viewers have been privy to Misty taking twilight dips, Tange and Flora enjoying showers from the water hose, and even Sissy and Winkie going for a swim! It is especially touching to see Sissy going in the water, given her pre-Sanctuary past.

“Watersports” are an important part of the elephants’ health care. Regular showers and swims help keep the skin healthy. The added buoyancy of the water allows the elephants to move and play in ways that wouldn’t be possible on land due to their size and weight. Similar to aqua aerobics for humans, moving and playing in the water allows our aging elephants to exercise without placing a strain on their bodies. On top of all that…it just looks like a lot of fun.

Here is a compilation of some of the recent Watersports at TES:



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