May 4, 2009

After three weeks of spring rain showers the sun came out bringing with it exponential new growth. Grass, grass and more grass, which, of course, means grazing, grazing and more grazing. Sissy and Winkie have migrated back to Dr. Scott’s pasture to enjoy the cultivated delicacies, mixed with an occasional dip in the pond. Dulary and Misty had been spending so much time in their pond we initially thought they were trying to work off their winter bulge! Now it appears that they started their summer vacation, swimming all morning and napping in the sun in the afternoon. Of course, they too are not letting the delicate spring growth slip away, grazing while walking to and from their pond and favorite napping spots.

The increased temperature has all the Divas spending a lot more time outside. Frieda isn't coming back to the barn until well after dark, grazing along the way from the Pond Yard right to the back of the barn on her return trip. Billie and Liz wait for her inside, occasionally peeking out of the barn to note her progress, much like the evening caregiver. With all the overheads and fan covers open, the warm night air permeates the barn, a welcome change from the stuffy winter.

Corral fence expansion is underway. The new corral will give elephants and caregivers more options and the Threesome much more room to roam.

Ned is enjoying baths with his caregiver. After he drinks near the outdoor water trough his caregiver bathes him all over on one side. During one bath after she had done the left side, Ned picked up the hose and bathed his own right side!

Happy Anniversary to Dulary, who is celebrating two years of Sanctuary on May 1!

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