Nosey: Three Weeks at The Sanctuary

Since her arrival three weeks ago, Nosey has spent her time discovering The Sanctuary. Day by day, she has been making greater use of her habitat.


She has spent a lot of time exploring the woods—stretching her trunk far into the trees to pull down branches and leaves and using her tusks to debark them. She has been observed utilizing the sand pile and scrub brush in her habitat. She has discovered harvested branches that Care Staff provide as enrichment and has figured out how to recover treats from inside enrichment devices that promote foraging.

Nosey and hay feeder

Nosey fans and followers will note Nosey has a slightly new look. Nosey’s right tusk was a bit longer than her left. Now they are a little closer to the same length after Nosey chipped the tip of her right tusk while moving around in the barn. Both The Sanctuary Associate Veterinarian and the Director of Elephant Husbandry were on hand and quickly assessed the situation to be non-threatening and cosmetic. Nosey was calm and unfazed by the incident.


Without access to Nosey’s medical history or previous radiographs of her tusks, it is unknown if this area of her tusk had been compromised in the past. Chipping and breaking of tusks is relatively common in elephants both in the wild and in captivity. In all instances, tusk length varies throughout the life of every elephant (for more information on elephants’ tusks, visit Prior to Sukari’s arrival at The Sanctuary, Sukari’s tusks had been prone to chipping and breaking so were trimmed and capped to prevent further breakage. At The Sanctuary, Flora, Sukari and Tange keep their tusks worn down naturally from activities in the habitat, such as digging and taking down trees.

For The Elephant Sanctuary’s Care Staff, it has been a joy to observe Nosey exhibit natural behaviors in a natural habitat setting and we look forward to continuing to provide updates about her explorations. 

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