November 23 & 30, 2009

Last Saturday the Volunteers donated a plethora of goodness; Mangos, sugar cane, kiwi, pears, pineapples, banana leaves, lovely dates and milk bones for our furry friends. The African Girls loved every bit of it. Savoring all the flavors, even holding the figs in their mouths to get all the sugary sweetness out of them. Thanks so much!
Minnie found a new way to enjoy her ball today. She found a small piece of green plastic, which used to be a smaller ball. Taking it in her trunk, she walked up to her big blue ball and hit the green plastic back and forth on the blue ball. It made a very satisfying WHACK noise with every hit. Minnie made “music” on the blue ball for a little while before trying a different sound. She experimentally tapped it lightly against her forehead. Apparently that sound wasn’t as fun, because she went back to hitting the green plastic on her ball instead.
Billie’s eyes lit up as soon she dropped a small piece of sugar cane into her mouth. Sugarcane is a welcome treat, the girls gobble it down. As soon as Lizzie saw Billie making a beeline over to her, she picked up her piece of sugar cane and held it under her chin, a clear signal that Lizzie did not intend to share.
The Asian herd also got a special treat - sugar cane. When we have ordered sugar cane in the past, we’ve gotten these baton sized pieces of cane that the girls gobble down in two seconds. One of our volunteer couples stopped by the international market on their way through Nashville to get some treats-—and voila—6 ft. long pieces of sugar cane. Dulary and Misty were first to try it out, Dulary’s was gone in about 10 seconds; it instantly went into her mouth, while she broke it, shoving all of the pieces in as fast as they would go. Misty just held hers while Dulary ate until it touched her tongue, then she seemed to realize that it tasted good and she devoured it also. Sissy took hers and broke it into piece after piece, about a foot long each, rubbed them along the inside of her trunk, then picked up one of the pieces and daintily picked off inch long pieces and ate like a true lady. Winkie looked at hers, broke it in half, touched it to her tongue, and then it was gone, along with one of Sissy’s little pieces. No hesitation with Tarra, no tasting necessary either, straight in end after end and gone in seconds. Shirley picked hers up; hit in on the ground a couple of times, broke it, and then ate it. So it was a hit with all the ladies, even though they went about eating it differently, they all seemed to enjoy them.
This week, as every week, we give thanks for our many blessings which include all of Our Girls and Boy that we have been lucky enough to care for; which would not be possible without the generosity of each and every one of our members. Thank you for making such a difference.


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