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By: The Elephant Sanctuary

November 5, 2011

Tarra is still spending time in Marcella's, in the vicinity of Bella's grave. She and Shirley have also been frequenting the 2nd Pipeline Crossing. Her Caregivers have been very emotional; they rejoice when Tarra exhibits her old playfulness with her fellow Girls (especially when it involves stealing food), and then mourn with her as she appears listless and muted.

Winkie continues to be very tolerant of Tarra's mischief, and the Caregivers are very touched by Winkie's behavior. The other evening, at the Asian Barn, Winkie had just thrown hay over her head and onto her back. Tarra walked over to Winkie and "stole" the hay right off her back! Winkie did not protest or even try to move away.

It seems we are seeing more and more of a caring side to Winkie...

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