Oakland Zoo Announces Plans for Osh to Come to The Elephant Sanctuary

We have exciting news to share: 30-year-old African elephant Osh will be moving to The Sanctuary later this year! This move follows the transfer and safe arrival of African elephant Donna, who also relocated from Oakland Zoo in September 2023.

Upon arrival in Tennessee and settling into his habitat, Osh will be provided with new social opportunities. Two 3,000-square-foot bull barns are under construction for Osh and Artie, who currently resides at The Sanctuary. Osh will eventually have the opportunity to get to know Artie across fence lines, as well as The Sanctuary's female African elephants, and we are hopeful that Osh and Donna will have the chance to reunite!

The Sanctuary's CEO, Janice Zeitlin, shares, "We are excited to welcome Osh to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. His arrival marks a significant moment for us, as our second African male elephant. Our elephant care team is working closely with the Oakland Zoo team in preparation for Osh's arrival this fall, and we look forward to welcoming him to Tennessee and supporting him as he adjusts to his new home."

We will keep all supporters updated as plans develop!

You can read more about Oakland Zoo's preparations for transfer and Osh's history at the zoo in their press release here on their website.

Photo courtesy of Oakland Zoo

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