October 19, 2009

With the cold weather returning, so have the ladies. Sissy, Winkie, Dulary and Misty have all spent at least a portion of their evening in the barn. For the most part the ladies come in, have some hay and water, warm up a bit and go back into the habitat.  Tarra and Shirley have not come in, but they are close to the barn. This allowed Sis and Winks to visit with them the other day. Sissy and Shirley were standing side by side, touching each other gently with their trunks, both with big smiles on their faces. Then the next day Dulary and Misty visited with Shirley and Tarra. Tarra ended up back at the barn while Dulary and Misty headed down Lake Road to spend most of the day with or by Miss Shirley - except for Misty’s nap time of course.

Billie had an exciting day the other morning. A new load of hay arrived, and it must have looked really tasty, because Billie went to the bottom of the yard to get as close as she could. Once down there, however, taking apart the turned-off hotwire seemed like a much better game. After treats and patient coaxing, Billie released the tangle of hotwire and it was repaired.

Debbie and Ronnie are mostly uninterested in the fence crew’s progress, spending time away from all the action near the creek and beyond it. Minnie is always a surprise. Some days, she’s very interested in the crew. Other days, she acts as if they are beneath her notice, spending all her time in Field 4 and farther.  Lottie is simply along for the trip, mostly following Minnie. She loses interest in the fence crew much quicker than Minnie does, though. No matter how interested Minnie is, though, she is almost always willing to follow a caregiver away from the crew and take a walk to Field 7, where some hay will be waiting.

This Sunday everybody was relaxing around the barn, just a perfect day for a pedicure for Flora.

As the caregiver came out with all the foot care tools, Flora responded by coming to the “pedicure” fence, turning around and putting one of her back legs on the bar. Before the caregiver could even ask anything, Flora was ready. The caregiver did some work and her pad and on one of her toe nails. Of course Flora got rewarded with lots of pieces of pear. Also Tange, who was watching, got rewarded as well, just because. The foot care procedure was followed by the rock and stick game. This is where Flora picks up big rocks or sticks and gives it to the caregiver and in return she will get a treat. Once all the big rocks where gone, she swept a bunch of little pebbles into a pile and picked that up, to give to the caregiver. Very clever.

We remember wonderful Ned who was born on October 10 in 1987.

The Sanctuary calendar is back! The 2010 calendars are now on sale and a wonderful Flora DVD has just been added to Our Girls' Gift Shop.

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