Our Herd is Growing!

“Zoo Knoxville announced today that African elephants Tonka, Jana, and Edie will be moving to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, located in Hohenwald, Tennessee. Zoo Knoxville and The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee are both accredited members of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), assuring the continuation of the highest standard of care for them. The move will allow them to join a larger group of elephants, ensuring companionship for the three aging elephants as they enter the late stages of their lives.”

We are honored that our AZA colleagues at Zoo Knoxville reached out to The Elephant Sanctuary in making this extremely important decision regarding the continued care and planning for African elephants Jana, Edie, and Tonka. We look forward to working with the zoo's dedicated staff as we move forward to welcome the elephants to The Sanctuary. We will make sure to share updates and more information soon, so stay tuned via our website and social media!

View Zoo Knoxville's full press release here.

Photo of Jana & Edie courtesy of Zoo Knoxville

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