Party for the Planet: Endangered Species Day

Today is Endangered Species Day, a day to bring awareness to threatened and endangered species and learn how to help protect them. As we conclude our Party for the Planet celebration, we hope you consider all keystone species, many of which are endangered, as you work to protect your own ecosystem and the planet as an overall ecosystem.

As we have learned throughout the past several weeks, a keystone species is one that is vital to its habitat, and if removed, that ecosystem would struggle to survive. Many different environments have keystone species; some include bees, American alligators, saguaro cactus, snow geese, the wolves in Yellowstone National Park, and of course, elephants. To help support these incredible species around the world (and maybe some right in your own backyard), remember to be like an elephant and act as a virtuous keystone species in your environment with the tips we have shared throughout Party for the Planet:

  • Be aware of your food waste (reduce waste or create compost in your backyard).
  • Be mindful of your electricity usage.
  • Utilize rainwater to water the plants around your home and yard.
  • Plant trees and other plants that are not invasive and are native to the ecosystem you live in.

We would like to share this poster that illustrates how elephants shape our world — use it to share your knowledge with others and teach them how to be a valuable keystone species too! Thank you for participating in Party for the Planet with The Elephant Sanctuary. The elephants and the planet thank you!

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