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By: The Elephant Sanctuary

Pumpkin Season

While all eyes have been on Nosey, sanctuary life continues for all the elephants...

Enrichment items are used to target specific needs for each individual elephant. They are created with a goal in mind—whether it’s to increase movement, stimulate an elephants’ senses, or prolong foraging.

Enrichment at The Elephant Sanctuary comes in many forms—from bamboo shakers filled with popcorn to tires stuffed with hay to sand piles and mud wallows. Perhaps the most photographable enrichment is the seasonal enrichment created from donated goods like pumpkins—a favorite of the elephants.


This fall, The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee has received many generous donations of pumpkins from our neighbors in Hohenwald and the surrounding areas. Hohenwald’s local WalMart and Powers both donated their leftover Halloween pumpkins and gourds—which came to The Sanctuary by the truckload.

Donated pumpkins from Walmart, being picked up by The Elephant Sanctuary staff

Caregivers have been getting creative in their presentation of the pumpkins: stacking them in piles, stuffing with treats like popcorn and peanut butter, and putting their hay diets in them.


To see an updated wish list of food items and other elephant care products, visit https://shop.elephants.com/products/wishlist.php

CrowdRise Holiday Charity Challenge

Giving Tuesday was a HUGE Success!

We are beyond amazed at the support we received from all of our fundraisers and donors this Giving Tuesday as 2,239 of you came together, donating $233,861 to make a difference in the lives of captive elephants.

Although we didn't win a bonus prize, we came very close and are optimistic that your generosity has put us well within reach of the Grand Prize of $150,000 at the end of the Holiday Charity Challenge on January 3.

There are also several more bonus prizes up for grabs between now and then. This week, December 5 - December 12, the three organizations that have the greatest number of unique donors to contribute to their Campaign will win one of the prizes listed below.

  • Prize One: A full-page spread for your nonprofit in Newsweek for one week in 2018.
  • Prize Two: Digital Billboard space across the United States for four weeks in 2018.
  • Prize Three: Global digital banner ads on the web for four weeks in 2018.

One of the best ways to make a lasting difference for elephants is by educating others on the crisis facing elephants in the wild and their complex needs in captivity. Your gifts this week will help The Sanctuary get in front of a larger audience to share these messages.

See our standing on the Holiday Charity Challenge leaderboard.

Give to our Campaign and share with your friends and family.

THANK YOU for your continued support!

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