Sanctuary Staff Honor Jana

The Sanctuary Staff and visiting Zoo Knoxville keepers recently gathered to honor a beloved member of our herd, Jana.

Jana arrived at The Sanctuary on May 1, 2023, and sadly passed away in October of that same year from several chronic health issues. Though her time with The Sanctuary was brief, the impact she made resonates deeply within our Sanctuary community. “Jana gave us many gifts,” said Kristy E., The Sanctuary’s Senior Manager of Elephant Care. “She helped us problem solve, gave us the opportunity to teach, to learn, and become even better prepared to help other elephants with end-of-life care.” Reflecting on Jana's life, many heartfelt sentiments were shared, recounting stories of her regal demeanor, each echoing the profound impact she made.

During her time at The Sanctuary, Jana did a lot of exploring and interacted with herd mate, Nosey. Jana and Nosey often seized the opportunity to share space with one another, foraging side by side. Sarah F., Lead Caregiver at Asia Barn shared, “Watching Jana’s relationship with Nosey grow from one of uncertainty to acceptance and even a budding friendship, where they sought out interactions with each other, was truly rewarding. We are honored to have known, cared for, and loved Jana.”

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