September 28, 2009

Shirley and Dulary finally met! There have been many times where Shirley has come almost to the barn, but not all the way. On Sunday Shirley came all the way back and was grazing at the north end with Misty Dulary and Tarra in the woods behind the barn.  When hay was dropped Dulary came over to where Shirley was, gave a quick smell in her direction with her trunk, and went to a pile of hay and started eating.  Shirley seemed comfortable with this and took a couple of steps towards Dulary, and that was when Misty came around the corner. Misty is absolute sweetness, but at that size, moving at that speed, she must have seemed a little intimidating to Shirley, because Shirley walked off. Later that night they all met up again in the north yard and this time stayed together for a couple of hours. Dulary and Shirley touched all over each other while Misty poked in between the two of them every once and again. The mood was mellow, Shirley was smiley, and the interaction ended up being positive for all three of the ladies. Shirley walked away, heading back towards the lake, and the next day Misty and Dulary wandered in that direction. At one point Dulary ended up with Shirley again at the top of Lake Hill. They looked at each other for a couple of minutes, then Dulary left to go find Misty.  This is the furthest that Dulary and Misty have wandered down Lake Road.  If they go just a little further they will end up with a whole lot more swimming room. Since then Shirley has been back with Tarra at the lake, very smiley and very light.

The African ladies are really loving this weather. When the weather gets a bit extreme, the barn is opened and they enjoy their nights in the barn. Their skin patterns on the floor indicate that the girls have been lying down and have had a good night's sleep. But most of the time the girls are not around the barn, but rather enjoying this weather in the woods. Of course the mud baths keep them very busy too, and the best part for them is to bring in the mud and decorate the barn or the freshly painted corral with it!

Debbie and Ronnie have finally come down from the South Gate habitat. They came down the big hill, much to the joy of Minnie and Lottie, who hadn’t seen them since the new fencing had been completed. The reunion was joyous, full of touches, rumbles, and trumpets. Minnie seems very pleased to have Debbie and Ronnie back in sight, and (after the initial few days of excitement) is content to leave them be.

For some reason, one morning the Threesome were very reluctant to leave the barn.  Eventually Frieda came out, and she was greeted by treats and praise.  As is the norm for Frieda, the trip down the alley was slow-going, but she was encouraged the entire way. Frieda’s approach to treats can always bring a smile to your face: she flicks her trunk at the piece of apple or banana cautiously, as if to make sure it’s what it smells like it is.  After several tentative touches and flicks, the treat is scooped up quickly. By the time Frieda made her way to the end of the alley, Liz and Billie had decided to join her and the Threesome was complete once more.

We remember Bunny on September 29, the 10th Anniversary of her Sanctuary arrival.

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