September 7, 2013

Time for a check in from your friends at The Elephant Sanctuary!

Tange in the African woods
Tange in the Africa woods

Africa Barn and Habitat
It has been a while since we shared anything about our African elephants, Tange and Flora.  The axiom “no news is good news” definitely applies.  They are doing very well, enjoying a peaceful summer. Recently, both African Girls received their annual vaccinations.  All of the Girls voluntarily participate in their own health care using our Protected Contact system, and are rewarded with treats for this behavior. Both Girls were very cooperative, as Caregiver Laurie recounts:

“Tange and Flora did great this week while receiving their Rabies and Tetanus vaccinations. They each flinched with the first one, they each came back into position and receive the second one like nothing happened. They were both rewarded with banana leaves and a fruit popsicle which they each sucked on while holding their trunks to their bottom lip to be sure to catch any drips. Earlier this week we were working on the automated watering machines in the habitat near the barn, and Tange supervised while eating bites of hay that she pulled from the flakes she had stashed between her tusk and trunk.”

Q-Barn and Habitat
We’ve shared a bit about the habitat extension project happening at Q, and now we have some video to share that will explain a little more.  You can tag along with Frieda as she makes her way to “Frieda’s Field.”

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