Striving for a Sustainable Sanctuary

World Wildlife Day was on March 3, and in honor of it, we wanted to share more about our sustainable practices here at The Elephant Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary works behind the scenes not only to bring individualized care to its current elephant residents and contribute to the conservation of elephants in the wild, but also embodies a commitment to responsible stewardship of our resources, fostering environmental consciousness, and harmonizing with the community around us. The Sanctuary goes beyond just championing eco-friendly practices; it serves to help align our broader mission with the well-being of our neighbors and the world we share with elephants and all wildlife.

The Sanctuary implements many organization-wide sustainability practices, such as purchasing environmentally preferred products and services, composting food and other waste, using more eco-friendly options for cleaning supplies, and of course, recycling! In 2023, The Elephant Sanctuary’s Sustainability Committee is excited to report that 89% of the waste produced was recycled, totaling 133,829 pounds!

  • 6,360 lb of cardboard
  • 714 lb of aluminum
  • 120,875 lb of steel
  • 1,600 lb of plastic
  • 3,780 lb of paper
  • 500 lb of glass

The Sanctuary will continue to advocate for the planet through our decisions and processes in 2024 and beyond, align our purchasing decisions with our commitment to protect the environment, foster a culture of sustainability in the workplace, and create a better world for elephants and all wildlife.

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