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Tennesseans Invited to Plant Trees on Tennessee Tree Day

Order trees online now through March 1, 2020 at tectn.org/tennesseetreeday

The Elephant Sanctuary is partnering with the Tennessee Environmental Council (TEC) to give away one tree seedling to the first 50 visitors to The Elephant Discovery Center on Tree Day, March 21.

Visitors to The Elephant Discovery Center on Tree Day will learn how to identify some of the local tree species that are part of our resident elephants' diets. Tree identification games and crafts for kids will take place throughout the day.

Tennessee Environmental Council’s Tree Program was established in 2007 with a goal of planting one million native trees across the state to help repopulate trees lost to development and other causes and increase biodiversity. The organization has planted over 640,000 trees since 2007 fulfilling the mission to educate and advocate for the conservation and improvement of Tennessee's environment, communities, and public health. 

Visit the event website at www.tectn.org/TennesseeTreeDay for a complete list of participating tree pick-up locations statewide. The event is organized by Tennessee Environmental Council in its effort to maintain a healthy tree canopy in communities across Tennessee. Native tree species available statewide will vary by pick-up location and may include: Bald Cypress, Elderberry, Northern Red Oak, Southern Red Oak, Bur Oak, Nuttall Oak, Pecan, Persimmon, Virginia Pine, Eastern White Pine, Loblolly Pine, Eastern Redbud, Red Mulberry, Staghorn Sumac, Sycamore, Tulip Poplar, Wild Plum, PawPaw, American Hazelnut, Buttonbush, and Indigo bush. 

There are 115 volunteer-run tree pick-up locations set up across Tennessee. This event typically draws tens of thousands of volunteers who plant their trees at their homes, farms, businesses, neighborhoods and other locations of their choosing.

“We are thrilled each year to make trees available for the people of Tennessee to beautify their properties and participate in the largest community-tree-planting event in America,” says Jeffrey Barrie, CEO of Tennessee Environmental Council. “The benefits to our families, our environment, and our communities are priceless, and last for generations, as Tennesseans watch their trees grow year after year,” says Barrie.

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