Thank You for an Amazing 2022

The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee exists as a protected refuge for captive elephants, designed and maintained to meet their complex needs as they age in place. Closed to the public, the elephants at The Sanctuary live their lives in a 3,060 acre natural environment that stimulates their curiosity, provides them new places to explore, and offers opportunities for socialization.

The individualized care we provided to Flora, Tange, Sukari, Nosey, Sissy, Billie, Minnie, Debbie, and Ronnie in 2022 was unwavering and top notch, and these magnificent creatures are thriving in their habitats year-round thanks to the support of donors like you here at year’s end.

With an uptick in travel, we greeted more than 3,100 visitors this year at The Elephant Discovery Center in Hohenwald, folks from all over, including many guests on World Elephant Day for the unveiling of the U.S. Postal Service's Elephants Forever Stamp!

Meanwhile, extending our mission well beyond Middle Tennessee, our Outreach and Education activities included 377 web-based Distance Learning programs that reached groups of all sizes, ages and locations — 14,309 learners in 19 different countries and 36 U.S. states. In their own communities, EleAmbassador volunteers connected with 1,500 people and counting through in-person presentations in 10 states. And of course, our International Partners on four continents continue to carry out conservation and education efforts across the globe as well.

Thank YOU for connecting with The Elephant Sanctuary this holiday season, as we look to an exciting new growth period for the organization in 2023, with the arrival of at least three new elephants — Jana, Edie, and Tonka. Your financial support makes an enormous difference in our ability to plan for the future of providing home and herd.

Best wishes for a happy New Year!

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