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By: The Elephant Sanctuary

The Elephant Sanctuary Awards Scholarships to Local Graduating Seniors

The Elephant Sanctuary is excited to award scholarships to four Lewis County High School Seniors to assist them along their academic journey towards science and education-based careers. Each spring, The Sanctuary collaborates with the Lewis County Education Foundation to review and select scholarship recipients. Reviewing the student-submitted applications and essays made it poignantly clear that the class of 2020 has persevered through many unforeseen obstacles. The recipients of this year’s scholarships are Cade Banks, Abbie Brewer, Allison Jackson, and Zac Benson. While all applicants were deserving, these four students demonstrated a desire to continue to further their education to gain skills and experience needed to help people and animals in a variety of career paths.

The Elephant Sanctuary joins the rest of the Lewis County, TN community in congratulating all graduating seniors on their resilience, determination, and hard work in the face of so much uncertainty. 

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