Valentine's Day 2018

Love is in the air. This Valentine’s Day, 295 Sanctuary supporters adopted an elephant for a loved one.

By adopting an elephant, these supporters became partners in The Elephant Sanctuary's efforts to provide the gift of herd, home, rest, refuge, and individualized care for life to 11 elephants retired from performance and exhibition.

All of the elephants received special Valentines from their Caregivers as well.


The Q elephants received hay treats topped with strawberry and blueberries. A play-date between Billie and Ronnie made this day extra special. The two were observed sharing snacks and being very tactile with each other—touching faces, backs, and tails and touching and holding trunks. At one point, Billie and Ronnie were seen standing face-to-face, and appeared to mirror one another’s movements.

Billie and Ronnie

In the Asia Habitat, Tarra and Shirley received feed bags filled with hay, nutritional supplements, and vegan conversation hearts and enjoyed an adventure down North Road into the big habitat and a nap in the woods.

African elephants, Flora, Tange, and Sukari were lured to a freshly cut stash of bamboo by a hand-made Valentine banner.


And Nosey received special fruit treats and spent the day traversing a small valley in her habitat, where she discovered a mud puddle to splash around in. 


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