Winter Weather

In 2017, Nashville had a single snow day. Debbie, Ronnie, and Minnie were the only elephants at The Sanctuary who chose to leave the comfort of the heated barns. Possibly because of her time spent in Canada, Minnie appears unbothered by winter’s cooler weather. She seems to encourage Debbie and Ronnie to follow her out into the habitat on cooler days. With the barn doors open, they went outside as if nothing was happening, and munched on hay while getting covered in a light dusting of snow.

Lead Caregiver preparing barn enrichment

Despite temperatures in the mid-60s yesterday, weather forecasts called for snow this afternoon. The elephants are in the heated barns today, which Care Staff filled with enrichment items to keep the elephants active and engaged.

In Nosey’s barn stall, Care Staff filled hanging feeder and wall baskets with bamboo, hay, and other fresh browse. Christmas trees covered in hay were also made available to her. 

Nosey with barn enrichment
Caregiver filling hay feeder
Sukari with barn enrichment
Flora with barn enrichment


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