April 20, 2009

With the warmer nights, Tange and Flora stay out all night. They are exploring the gullies and hiding from their caregivers. Especially at night, the girls just want to be left alone. On these warm nights the girls prefer to stay in their cozy, self-made beds, and then get up for some food. While the caregiver is driving around and stopping every now and then to listen for some indication where they might be, the girls are not even thinking about getting up. It’s good to know they are so comfortable staying out at night; even with the storms, the girls seem to be finding their perfect little hide-out, where not even tornados or hail can find them.

Each year Dulary and Misty continue to expand their comfort zone.  Today, they went North toward their pond and swam for the majority of the morning.  After covering themselves in mud and grazing on the fresh green grasses, they decided to walk toward the lake.  Their caregiver happened to check on them right as they were wandering away.  Of course, when she got back with the camera, Misty was already lying down; after all, she is our "queen of naps." 

Dulary and Misty toward the lakeCoincidentally, the spot Misty chose for her nap is one of Tarra’s favorite winter time sleepy spots.  I am sure that Tarra is delighted to share with her friend!  When Dulary decided to head back to the barn, she didn’t see Misty napping in the tall bushes.  Once she realized her best friend wasn’t at the barn, she walked to the North Yard, another place she rarely frequents.  Misty, of course, was not there.  A short time later, Misty woke up and wandered back to the barn to look for her friend. She, too, could not find her companion, so she decided to check the South Yard (their usual stomping grounds.)  Once she got there, she could see Dulary in the North Yard, one ridge over.  With the help of their caregivers, they reunited behind the barn, talking up a storm, swinging their tails, and flapping their ears.

In the last few weeks Ned has been figuring out that pasture grass is indeed edible, and he is partaking of it often. Recently we have seen him throwing dirt and hay on his head and his back, sometimes nearly a flake of hay makes it onto Ned’s back.  He has been sleeping outdoors in the sun. The Q barn dogs often take shortcuts through Ned’s yard— we don’t notice that he notices, but it seems they are becoming a part of his environment.  With the advent of Spring, the bird activity is manic, and this provides more activity in and around Ned’s yard.

The 3-sum have been venturing onto the far side of the sycamore into the Pond Yard right field for afternoon grazing. Frieda may be feeling more comfortable, as she seems to be walking longer distances more often. She has become the 3-sum’s night owl as she stays out late into the evening enjoying the warm weather.

Deb, Ron, Minnie and Lottie have also been going much farther out and not coming back near the barn so much. During last week's hail storm there were sightings of some of the Divas in the pond during the worst of the weather.


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