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By: The Elephant Sanctuary

April 23, 2015

For Spring this year, the elephants at Asia Habitat received a “basket” made out of mazuri bags and grapevines. Inside each bag was some shredded paper confetti, produce, and some of the Girls’ favorite “treats” such as jelly beans. The weather on Easter Sunday was great this year, so the elephants enjoyed their Spring enrichment out in the habitat in the sunshine.

Tarry and her Spring basket
      Tarra approaches her Spring enrichment at Asia Habitat.                       Tarra’s Spring “basket.

Shirley enjoying her Spring enrichment.
Shirley enjoying her Spring enrichment in fantastic weather (Winkie at rear).

Misty finds a Spring treat.
Misty finds a Spring treat.

Sissy and Winkie open their Spring baskets.
Sissy and Winkie open their Spring “baskets.

Over at Q Habitat, Care staff are preparing for Ronnie to begin experiencing her usual spring allergies. A recent allergen test revealed that she’s sensitive to a couple different types of grasses, so our Facilities Crew has forged some grass-free pathways so that Ronnie can hopefully enjoy the habitat with less irritation. Sanctuary veterinarians have also prepared a new allergy-treatment plan to try this year. The Care and Vet Team are hopeful that uncomfortable itchiness will bother Ronnie a lot less in the full-bloom months of 2015.

Ronnie and Debbie enjoying a grapevine snack.
At Q, Ronnie and Debbie enjoy an enriching grapevine snack. Amber Falls Winery in neighboring Maury County
recently donated grapevines to all the Girls.

Meanwhile down in the valleys of Africa Habitat, Flora and Tange have recently been turning their usual breakfast-time into a game of “hide and seek” with each other!

Flora enjoys her breakfast from a tire!
Flora enjoys her “breakfast” from a tire that’s intended to encourage foraging behavior (expand use of her trunk) and extend feeding time. Repurposed tires make great enrichment items for elephants.

Tange munches on bamboo sprigs.
Tange munches on scrumptious bamboo sprigs, grown and harvested on Sanctuary grounds.

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