August 10, 2009

Billie can be so playful!  While taking her afternoon drink from the water trough, she filled her trunk with water and rested the end of it on the top bar of the fence.  She waited for a few moments.  Then, squeezing the end of her trunk tightly closed, she forced the water out.  It resembled a very broken sprinkler!  After that, she made her way into the pond for some real water play.


When a caregiver went up to water Debbie and Ronnie, she noticed Ronnie wasn’t at Debbie’s side.  Debbie drank while the caregiver kept a watchful eye on the surrounding trails.  Then CRASH, Ronnie came barreling out of the trees!  She stopped, looked around a little to see who witnessed her grand entrance, and then came over to the water corral just as Debbie finished. 


Last week it was Tange's trunk wash week again. She was a real champ. Thank you Tange, you were great!


The daily thunderstorms have not only meant milder temperatures, but also an endless supply of mud.  The ladies are coating themselves from head to toe.  Misty and Dulary can be found with layers of red clay, inches thick, on themselves, which get washed off when they go for their swims.  The thickest layer was on the side of Misty’s face that was down while she napped.  Shirley and Tarra are also coated in a darker mud from the wallow next to the lake.  Their layers allow us to tell when they’ve been swimming and how far in they went.  They end up with natural “water lines” on their bodies.  Tarra will be spotless from her feet to about halfway up her body where there is a distinct horizontal line; everything above it is coated in mud.  Sis and Winks also enjoy their puddles, but don’t seem to coat themselves as much as the other ladies.  They add splotches and splatters of mud to their body which adds to the artistic nature of their skin that already has swirls and sprays on it from the oils in the bug spray we use.


We remember beautiful Tina who arrived at the Sanctuary on August 11 2003.

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