August 3, 2009

Billie ventured into the Night Yard Extension all by herself again!  This time, she turned and went half way up the hill that would normally lead up to the South Gate area, but it is currently blocked off with temporary hot wire.  She was so thoroughly hidden that it took her caregivers a little while to find her!  The caregivers sat around and scratched their heads for a while, thinking to themselves, “Billie is usually never late for dinner!”  A sharp eye on the way out to pasture to feed Minnie and Lottie found our Billie-Sue, half way up the hill and munching on the foliage around her.  Billie is usually anxious to be in the barn in the afternoons, but on this day, she stayed outside much longer than Liz and Frieda.  She eventually made her way inside to join her sisters, as if her long stay in the outdoors was nothing out of the ordinary.  It is wonderful to see Billie be brave and explore the habitat all on her own.


This week Tange and Flora were quite active. At breakfast they were on the Plateau; in the afternoon they swept by the barn. Later they disappeared until dinner.  When it's time for night feeds, sometimes it’s still a mystery where they go. The next day brings Breakfast in the Valley; later they were on the Pipeline road; in the afternoon they came by the barn and kept going to the West corner, then disappeared. Dinners are always an adventure as we drive around looking for them—and they suddenly pop up.


Earlier this week Tarra came up the back way from the lake and met Shirley at Marcella’s Road.  That night Shirley followed Tarra back down and that’s where they remain.  When bringing down their supplemental diets, sometimes we find that the ladies are enjoying the shade of the woods.  Shirley will patiently wait until she's spotted, and does not assist the caregivers in finding her.  If she is lying down, she stays down. If she’s in the trees, she does not step out, and unlike some of the other girls, will not make a peep to announce her presence.  However, when she’s with Tarra, Tarra usually comes out as a beacon announcing where they can be found—this helps the caregiver and also ensures that the Girls get their food without any waiting.


The segment featuring  Tarra and Bella on Oprah is scheduled to re-air August 6, please check your local listings to confirm.

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