August 31, 2009

Last week, during a morning watering, Debbie suddenly dropped the hose and spun around.  Ronnie copied her quickly, and they both stared down Bunny’s Trail, ears out.  At first, the caregiver couldn’t even see what they were looking at—the girls’ bodies were in the way.  Once the caregiver peeked around them, the cause for concern was revealed to be two deer, frozen, as they stared back at Deb and Ron.  This went on for a few minutes, both parties locked in what seemed like a schoolyard contest.  The caregiver tried to tell the girls that they were just deer, but Deb and Ron remained on guard.  Finally, the deer bolted, and after some backward glances, the girls resumed their morning drink.


The almost daily occurrence of just seeing the girls grazing in a field, never seems to lose its beauty.  Driving up to Deep Valley Meadow to feed Sissy and Winkie is nothing short of breathtaking some mornings.  The field is filled with wildflowers of all colors, small flowering trees, and grasses of every length and shade of green.  And in the middle of it are soft Sissy who closes her eyes as she passes by any branch that reaches that high, and sweet Winkie who has an almost baby-like smile.  As you drive up it is just a sea of green dotted with all different colors with two elephants' backs and heads rising above all of the growth.  Between the first light of the morning and the rolling green hills behind them that seem to go on forever, it is a reminder of how truly special it all is.



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