December 18, 2013

Frieda, Liz, and Billie
Frieda, Liz, and Billie on the hillside overlooking the Q Barns

At Africa
The EleCam in the Africa habitat is working again, so you can now check in on Flora and Tange whenever you like! Caregiver Laurie has this quick update to share:

“Tange wandered away from the barn the other day up to the pipeline but for the most part Flora has remained near by the warm barn. Sometimes when I am at home I can feel/hear them talking. Everyone in the house (humans, dogs, cats) perks up and wonders if it was a small earthquake, low thunder, or Flora.” One of the “perks” of living near the Africa habitat!

At Asia
With the winter weather having set in, all of the Girls are spending more time in the heated Barn and not venturing as far into the habitat during the day. Having everyone so close to the barn and one another means a lot of elephant interactions and good stories. Like the time Shirley decided to show off during a foot care session…

Caregiver Laurie explains, “As Shirley watched us work with Tarra’s feet, she decided she would present all her feet, even the back ones, which are a challenge to get to because of her impaired leg. It was great!” Foot care is an important part of the overall veterinary care for our Girls and will continue to be as they get older. Having the elephants be comfortable with Caregivers and Vet Staff examining their feet is very important for their overall health.

At Q
Minnie’s affinity for the culvert in her habitat is well documented; however, her Q Habitat sisters at the Phase 1 Barn recently got a culvert of their own. Billie wasted no time in giving it the once over, even testing the culvert with a couple of her signature “hind leg kicks.” Watch what happens when elephant meets culvert!



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