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By: The Elephant Sanctuary

Elephant Protection and Conservation — Your Voice Matters

The Sanctuary and many of our supporters have been closely following the Fish and Wildlife Service's announcement on November 16 that it would lift a ban on importing elephant and lion trophies from Zambia and Zimbabwe to the United States. After an outpouring of public opinion and support for expanded conservation efforts, the administration announced Friday afternoon that the decision will not be implemented until it has been reviewed. Your voice matters—thank you for speaking out.

This is a crucial moment for elephant conservation efforts worldwide. The illegal ivory trade and poaching have caused dramatic declines in the population of African elephants, a threatened species. In fact, the Great Elephant Census in 2016 showed that about 350,000 African savannah elephants remain in the wild, down 140,000 since 2007. A real concern also exists that legal hunting can provide cover for illegal hunting.

The Sanctuary does not support or condone the hunting of wild elephants for any reason. We asked our supporters to sign this White House petition. So far more than 28,000 people have signed, with a goal of 100,000. The fight to protect and conserve elephants is not over so we continue to encourage you to speak out by signing and sharing this petition.

If you'd like to do more, Humane Society of the United States is also requesting signatures on their petition.

If you'd like more information on how a decision to lift this ban could impact wild elephant populations, please read:

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