February 9, 2009

Last weekend was warm and Sunday was absolutely gorgeous.  Shirley and Bunny (pictured below) did not return to the barn at all last Saturday, while Tarra came back for late feed but was sleeping in the woods in the morning.  Shirley and Bunny must have had some idea as to how warm it was going to be because they went for a bit of a walk.  This morning it was somewhat difficult to find them for feed, checking all of the usual places around the barn first, then checking all the nooks and crannies (yes, even though they are 9000 pounds, they can disappear into the woods.)  When all of those places were checked, and some rechecked, It was time to look further away, even though there were no footprints leading out of the yards.  It seems Shirley and Bunny must have walked up and down the grassy valley and cut through the woods to a small clearing down North Road.  Bunny had a large pine tree balanced on her back stretching from her head to the base of her tail, squeaking and rumbling.  Shirley had on one of her “melt your heart” smiles, while standing in the warmth of the full sun.  it’s wonderful that it’s been nice enough for the girls to have so much time out of the barn and that on the first days of February, the water trailer has to be brought out to the ladies in the habitat.

Over in Africa on a recent sunny afternoon, Tange followed her caregiver out with hay and once the hay was put down in a sunny spot, she gathered her half and walked straight back into the barn. Flora didn’t even make it to the hay. She came out a bit later and met her caregiver halfway; she took a couple of flakes and also legged it back into the barn. With the recent warm days, the girls are spending their days outside together. Inside the barn however, Flora made it clear that she needed her own space by pushing Tange into a corner and tusking her back side, so when the girls are inside, they each have their own space.

Debbie and Ronnie arrived at the Sanctuary on February 7 and Billie and Frieda on February 9, 2006. Happy 3rd Anniversary ladies!

The Ringling Brothers trial began last Wednesday. There is lots of coverage in the media; here are a couple of articles:

Washington Post



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