June 15, 2009

Last week Shirley and Tarra were in the Blackberry Gauntlet. It has a tendency to be one of the warmer spots in the habitat, which might not seem like the best place to be in June, but the temperature has dropped. The days are mild and the night are a touch chilly (for Tennessee), but when you drive out to them at night feed, it feels wonderful. Tarra wanders and goes into the woods and valley next to the Gauntlet, but continues to spend at least part of every day with Shirley, who is doing well. Dulary and Misty have decided that the pond is also nice first thing in the morning.  When you first arrive in the morning Misty or both Misty and Dulary are usually still lying down, but earlier this week, they were splashing away in the pond—the sound of bubbles being blown giving them away.

On occasion, Tange has access to Zula’s resting place while Flora has her  own space to browse, nap and wander on her own. Tange seems to be getting better on her own sometimes disappearing down the road into the woods not to be seen even into dinner time. She wanders very quickly at times, one minute she will be by the barn the next on the Plateau, and then down into the Valley.

Debbie has begun “redecorating” the entrance to the South Gate habitat; knocking down trees, sometimes making caregivers find alternate routes around as the normal paths are blocked. Last week, Ronnie was so thoroughly covered with mud there wasn’t an ounce of gray skin showing. It rained later on, however, so she had to start all over with her bug repellant.

Liz and Frieda can be seen sleeping in interesting positions, forming artistic shapes with the junction of their bodies. They usually wake up by early afternoon, seeking a drink and/or a dip in the pond. Billie keeps one eye on her sisters from a little ways up the hill that leads to the South Gate, and the other eye on the progress of the macaws’ new aviary.

Minnie’s patience has paid off! She and Lottie are enjoying free range of the 40 and 60 again, only coming back for a drink in the evening.

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