June 22, 2009

Who needs trees when your friend with help you scratch your itchy places?  While Debbie is standing still to have a drink, Ronnie will take advantage and rub her legs and head vigorously against her sister. Ronnie also flings dirt in all directions, making sure caregivers are always paying attention.

Minnie and Lottie are very content out in the 60.  Now that they are using the automatic waterer consistently, there’s no need to go back to the barn.  They can enjoy the warm summer nights peacefully with each other as there is now minimal interruption from us.

Frieda, Liz, and Billie are beginning to venture farther into their yards. Well…Frieda is, anyway. She has been seen just a little bit into the Extension Yard, but not too far away from the Night Yard.  Liz and Billie have not, as of yet, joined their friend in her wanderings, more content to stay close to the barn with its cool pond and shady trees.

Twice, in the past couple of weeks, Tarra has returned to the barn to spend the day with Dulary and Misty.  And both times Shirley has followed, but has never come all the way back to the barn. She generally stays just inside the tree line right down Lake Road, a spot you can almost see from the barn.  Last time when Tarra returned to Shirley they both headed back down to the lake. Tarra arrived at the barn this morning and has yet to venture off while Shirley is still relaxing in the shade of the woods.  Shirley’s mood seems to keep improving, greeting her caregivers with a soft face, rumbles and playful behavior on a daily basis now.

Last week Tange and Flora enjoyed their first veggies out of their own garden, kohlrabi. This is a vegetable high in vitamin C and potassium. It looks like a turnip/beet/cabbage, with the taste of cabbage and broccoli. The girls loved it.

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