March 30, 2009

Through donations, the girls and our bachelor are enjoying sugar peas, asparagus, raspberries, strawberries, watermelon, lots of pineapple, kiwi, mangoes, celery, potatoes, sweet onions and craisins. 


New waterers are being installed in all three habitats. When the maintenance crew finished the waterer on Pine Sapling Plateau in Africa, Tange and Flora could not wait to get up there. As soon as the gate to the Northern Plains was opened, within thirty minutes they were up at the Pine Sapling Plateau and stayed there for a couple days and nights. They came back to the barn during a cold night, but the next day after their breakfast they disappeared…to be found an hour later, you guessed back on the PSP.


Spring is here!   The grass is growing tall and turning a deep green, flowers are beginning to bloom – speckling the pastures with purples, whites, and yellows.  Color is everywhere, including on our lovely elephants! Dulary and Misty have returned to their warm weather habits which include a long soak in the pond in the morning followed by dusting and sleeping in the mud and dirt in the afternoon.  In the morning they start out with a very light tint of pink all over their bodies – the remnants of the mud they covered themselves in the previous day.  Following their bath they have a dark orange color over the majority of their body with brighter orange in splotches where they have managed to pile mud from the edges of the pond on their backs.  Their final color depends largely on what spot they choose for completing their mud mask.  The dirt on the north end of the barn at the top of the hill that over looks the lake is darker, and gives them a more pink hue once it dries where as the mud in the south yard is much more orange and can create a bright orange that many of our Tennessee neighbors sport during football season.  Whatever color they choose they have fun doing it!  


Shirley and Bunny are enjoying the view from the Select Cut Pines, while Sissy and Winkie have been alternating between Lake Road and the far end of the Pipeline.  Tarra, of course, continues to spend time with all the ladies. Right now she and Bella are having their own adventure in Lake Valley.



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