November 15, 2013

Fall at The Elephant Sanctuary

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Fall arrived quickly at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. The Girls continue to transition into their colder weather behaviors, choosing to spend more time in the heated barns and not ranging as far out into the habitat. On Halloween (and the day after), all of the Girls received some special, holiday appropriate treats – personalized pumpkins with goodies (hay, grapes, strawberries, nutritional supplements, etc) inside.


Carved pumpkins

Shirley has been hanging out near the barn, though she has yet to actually enter it. She and Tarra have been travelling together back and forth from the barn area to the Pipeline. Tarra has also been spending more time with Dulary and Misty, which all three seem to enjoy.

Shirley and Tarra
Shirley with treat.                                                        Tarra doesn’t waste any time.

Caregiver Cody says that Misty has been in a “goofy” mood lately. “She’ll squeak or let out a deep bellow to get her caregivers’ attention. It always works, as it is just too hard to resist her charm.”

Sissy and Winkie have been spending their evenings in the barn and their days at the “Sleepy Spot” just northeast of the barn.


Flora and Tange have also been spending their evenings in the barn. Their days are spent searching out any last remaining foliage in their habitat to complement their meals in the barn.

Flora and Tange
Flora likes to check out the contents first, while Tange prefers to eat her pumpkin whole.

Watch the seasons change with Tange and Flora here.


Pumpkins for Q Girls

The Q Girls got their treats on a very soggy Halloween day, but the Girls didn’t seem to mind

Debbie and Ronnie and the pumpkins
Debbie squishes her pumpkin with her foot and then picks it apart with her trunk.
Ronnie is on her way over to investigate. Her pumpkin was waiting nearby.

A Tale of Two Elephants

Lota and Misty
Lota and Misty

November 17th is the anniversary of the 2004 arrival of Lota and Misty. They were the second and third  Hawthorn Corporation elephants to come to the Sanctuary (behind Delhi, who arrived in 2003). They would be followed in 2006 by Minnie, Lottie, Queenie, Liz, Debbie, Ronnie, Billie, and Frieda.

The bond that Lota and Misty established while at the Hawthorn facility continued after their arrival at The Sanctuary. Both elephants had tested positive for Tuberculosis, and their futures were uncertain. Lota succumbed to her illness five months after arriving. Misty was successfully treated and joined the  Asia herd where she remains today, having formed a new bond with Dulary. This weekend we celebrate both of their lives and all that they have taught us. The Elephant Sanctuary Welcome Center is hosting a presentation about Lota and Misty this Saturday (Nov 16) at 2:30 PM.

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