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By: The Elephant Sanctuary

November 5, 2012

Fall is a favorite time of year here at the Sanctuary. Autumn brings cool, pleasant temperatures and vibrant colors as the trees turn a brilliant Fall hue, and everyone seems to have just a little bit of a pep-in-their-step which matches the rhythm of the season. Caregivers are always looking for ways to enrich the days of our Girls, and Fall fun is no exception.

Flora's trunk
Flora inspects her stuffed pumpkin treat

In true Halloween fashion - pumpkins of several varieties were "dressed up" with fun things such as corn stalks, apple flavored treats, alfalfa cubes, bananas, carrots, and some favorite treats of the eles. The Girls at Q- Barn were the first stop on the pumpkin-treat photo-op tour. Caregiver Justina had prepared a variety of treats, including small pumpkins and watermelon halves, filled with extra fruit and healthy treats. These, combined with the bed of Bermuda hay to set it on, turned out to be just what the eles ordered.

Billie, Frieda and Liz pushed the pumpkins around a bit, squished some, but actually seemed most excited about the bermuda hay. They mixed bites of hay with the bananas, watermelon, and other assorted treats which were offered to them. Liz was her usual cute self as she received her treats placed atop a large red "box" toy in the yard. She walked up, swung her trunk up to sniff at it, then promptly started knocking things off, apparently in her order of preference, testing the selection to see what she would eat first.

Minnie found her pumpkin treat out in the meadow.

Ronnie and Debbie also seemed to favor the Bermuda hay, but they enjoyed a bit more in the produce treats as well. They indulged in pumpkin squishing and rolling, while preferring to eat watermelon and other goodies mixed in. Minnie savored her special treats out in the meadow along the road near the upper pond. She went right to her Fall Food, checked it out, then, bite by bite, began eating her favorites first.

According to Caregiver Angela, “Watching them "suction" onto the little pumpkins is always funny. It sounds like a giant car wash vacuum hose.” Caregivers were able to get lots of great pictures and some video as well to share, so keep an eye out for future posts of video to our YouTube page!

Tange savored every last morsel

Asia's ladies enjoyed their special treats with their dinner, as Caregivers added it to their regular meal. It's always nice to watch them notice something different or special alongside dinner, and their enthusiasm varies according to their taste.

At Africa, Tange and Flora were enjoying afternoon grazing in Western Plains when their treats were delivered. Flora walked up, smelled around it, tipped it over, then simply popped her entire pumpkin treat into her mouth. She doesn't mess around! Even though it was quick, she seemed to relish the stuffed pumpkin - after it was all gone she made sure to pick up every last crumb that had fallen out. Tange, on the other hand, is slower and seems to enjoy drawing out the yummy treats found inside her pumpkin. She selected the pieces a few at a time, before picking up the pumpkin and taking a perfect ele-bite shaped chunk out of it.

The pumpkin made a wonderful "crunching" sound as she chewed up what was left after her initial slow inspection. Tange has always been one to savor her favorites, and with a few strawberry shredded mini wheats thrown in, it made for a very happy, content ele.

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