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By: The Elephant Sanctuary

October 29, 2011

Yesterday's dreary weather mirrored our hearts as everyone at the Sanctuary grieved for the loss of Tarra's companion, Bella. Our normally light-hearted Tarra has had periods over the past few days where she has been subdued and a little withdrawn. The concerned Caregivers have been making sure Tarra has had plenty of food treats and have observed, thankfully, that the loss of Bella hasn't affected Tarra's appetite.  Also, her sisters Sissy and Winkie seem to be rallying around her. Caregiver Laurie observed the two Girls have been spending more time with Tarra than usual. Yesterday in the barn, Tarra playfully sought affection from Winkie, a behavior that surprised the Caregivers. She presented her head and invited Winkie to place her trunk on top. Tarra has previously been intimidated by Winkie, the dominant elephant of the herd.

Today, a frosty, foggy morning greeted the Girls, but after the fog lifted, they soaked in the sunshine. Tarra, Sissy, and Winkie were hanging out together at the North Gate most of the day, and will no doubt be delighted with a surprise delivery of banana leaves with dinner.

We will continue to keep you updated on how Tarra is doing through Ele-Notes and the Asian Ele-Diary, and appreciate so much the outpourings of love and tributes to Bella we have been receiving daily. Thank you so much for your unwavering support of the Girls and their Sanctuary.

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