September 7, 2009

The cooler temperatures have led to further explorations in Asia. Dulary and Misty spent most of their day grazing in pastures and venturing down Lake Road for some different grass and a nap. Shirley and Tarra have been together all the way down the left branch of Marcella’s Road; no one has been there in a while, so all of the grasses are lush and long which generally means the girls use their hay to throw on their backs at the bugs, and keep eating the fresh grass that is growing around them. Sis and Winks were not together when the water wagon was brought out this afternoon. Apparently Sis took a long walk all the way down North Road and then a run back to be reunited with Winkie by Marcella’s Road. Sis let out a blasting trumpet when she saw Winks and they both went on for several minutes drinking, smelling, touching, and repeatedly going through most of their vocalizations while being decorated with bug spray. At 6 pm feed they were both found all the way down the right branch of Marcella’s, and they too were grazing on the greenery that hasn’t been touched for weeks.

The Divas have been enjoying the cooler temperatures, even though the evenings are beginning to have a little nip to them. Fifty-five degrees, brrr! Cooler weather calms the bugs down, much to everyone’s relief, especially Ronnie. As the summer winds down, all will miss the nightly chorus of insects and frogs…but none will be missed more than our infamous “sheep frogs”, with their call so much like a sheep’s bleating it brings a smile to your face every time you hear them.

All is quiet and well this week in Africa. The staff is getting ready to paint the expansive pipe corral and there is no doubt Flora and Tange will supervise.

We honor Jenny’s 1996 Sanctuary anniversary on September 11 and celebrate Winkie's 9th Anniversary on September 12.

Great coverage on the Sanctuary from this week.

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