The Sanctuary honors global accomplishments for elephants on World Wildlife Day.

At The Sanctuary, we believe elephants are wild animals with complex physical and social needs not supported by the training, performing, confinement and travel demanded of elephants in entertainment. 

A shift in attitude regarding the use of elephants in performance has led to tighter measures protecting elephants. To date, four states and more than 135 other localities in 37 states have passed various restrictions governing the use of wild animals in circuses and traveling shows. These changes are due in part to individuals like you speaking up, writing their elected representatives, and educating their friends and family. 

Lend your voice—it counts.

Across the globe, elephants are facing unprecedented threats. In an effort to increase understanding of and support for conservation efforts to protect elephants in the wild, The Sanctuary collaborates with and supports international organizations on four continents: Africa, Europe, Asia, and South America.

Thanks to the incredible work being done by caring individuals and organizations worldwide, huge strides have been made in the past year to improve captive elephants’ welfare and protect wild elephants from poaching, human-elephant conflict, and habitat degradation.

The Elephant Sanctuary is celebrating World Wildlife Day—Friday, March 3—by honoring this important work, and asking you to continue to raise your voice, and speak out for those that can’t speak for themselves.

A timeline of efforts and decisions that affected elephants in the past year:

Small actions can have big impacts! #DoOneThingToday that can help with wildlife conservation – get informed, consume responsibly, volunteer, donate, or simply post about what #WorldWildlifeDay means to you. Need more ideas? Visit

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